At McPhail & Partners we offer more than just tax and compliance services to our clients. With the broad range of experience within the team we can assist you with various advisory services including the following.

Tax Planning

Through our ongoing Professional Development activities the team here at McPhail & Partners are always up to date on the latest tax rules and changes.  Our tax planning services cover year-end tax planning, advice on business structuring, Capital Gains Tax (CGT) issues and much more to ensure you get the best possible tax outcome.

Business Consulting

We offer a range of business services that can help you maximise your business potential including working with you on system and process improvements, assisting with cash flow and finance requirements, and ongoing management reporting and analysis.

Accounting Systems & Software

The correct accounting software is a crucial part of your business operation. It helps to make your business more efficient and productive, which in turn helps you to make better financial decisions and prevent costly errors.

To discuss these matters further and to find which accounting software is the best for you, please contact one of our accounting managers.

Business Valuations

Business valuations may be required for a variety of reasons including finance applications, estate planning purposes, family law disputes or simply for an acquisition or disposal of a business.  We can prepare an independent valuation which can be used for all these purposes.

Estate Planning

The number one goal of Estate Planning is to ensure that your wealth passes onto your intended beneficiaries.  With the interaction of multiple laws including Tax, Superannuation and Trust Law this simple goal can become very complex with unintended consequences.

Along with our network of legal and financial professionals we can help you navigate the Estate Planning maze so that you have the peace of mind in knowing your loved ones will be cared for in the future.

Succession Planning

Having put in the effort to build your business it is important to consider what your exit strategy is.  Whether you are moving onto another business or looking to retire there are many issues to consider to ensure you get the best return on your investment.  We can work with you to develop this plan so you when the time comes to sell you can be in the driver’s seat.