2019 has now clicked over, and we’re nearly at the end of the first month! So the question is, did you set any new year resolutions? Or perhaps you set yourself or your business some new goals? What’s the difference you might ask! Resolution means a firm decision to do or not to do something. Whereas the definition of a goal is the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result. Resolutions don’t necessarily allow for actions to achieve them; instead, they are more of a statement.

For so many people resolutions are unmet, long-term, vague, or sometimes unrealistic statements, e.g. I just decided that I’m going to join a gym this year. It’s just too hard to maintain our motivation with this type of statement. This diminished enthusiasm is probably one of the main reasons research shows that more than 80% of New Year’s resolutions are broken.

When we speak with clients one of the fundamental things we are trying to discover is what your goals are not your new year resolutions! By understanding what your goals are in life, business and/or retirement we can start to create a tailored plan to help you achieve those goals.

The word goal has more of a sense of being a specific target that is realistically achievable within a defined amount of time. A goal requires action! A goal, by definition, requires a conscious intention to do something. Sometimes goals can be achieved alone, but most of the time they need some help, planning and advice on the best way to achieve them.

We know that for goals to be achieved they need to have some action steps, be measurable, attractive [otherwise we won’t be motivated to achieve them!], specific and have a deadline attached to them.

Every day we ask clients what their goals are; what it is that they want to achieve so we thought we’d share some of our goals with you; goals that you can keep us accountable for! We know that one of the secrets to success in achieving your goals is to share them, so here goes!

Brian McPhail
Catching up more with friends by arranging lunches every fortnight together.
Visiting our daughter in Oxford in July.
Help organise the volunteers for the Presidents Cup Golf in December.

Wayne Durdin
To declutter.
Having recently moved (downsized) I now have boxes of things that I have not seen or used in years & need to decide what to keep, what to donate & what to throw out by April 2019.

Matthew Drew
To turn back the clock and run another half marathon by following a 12-week running plan by March 2019.

Andrew Beltramello
Build a deck in the backyard by July 2019.

Rebecca Rosario
Increasing the days I volunteer to two days a week next year.
Recommence dance classes once a week.
Connect more with relatives by catching up with them at least once a month.

Monika Murti
Design and renovate the laundry area by June 2019.

Stephen Howard
Travel to Italy by July 2019 and win a cricket premiership by March 2019.

Lewis Morgan
My 2019 goals are to increase my knowledge surrounding accounting topics and improve my efficiency and accuracy when completing tasks at work.

Prisca Languila
By saving $200 every fortnight and go back to Mauritius by December 2019.

Louise Davey
Travel to New Zealand by July 2019.

Chathu DeSilva
To get ripped 6 pack abs by September 2019 by exercising at least 4 times a week and by eating healthy at least 5 days a week.

As you can see our goals are very personal to each of us, but there is definitely a common theme or two!

Goals don’t need to be complicated, but they do need to be written down, shared and worked towards otherwise they are just a dream!

Do you have a new goal that we don’t know about yet that we can help you achieve? Perhaps you know someone who could benefit from our advice and support? Please feel free to contact us.